Cerbide Machine/Wear Replacement Parts

Combining the wear properties of ceramics and cemented tungsten carbide 

ABOUT CERBIDES  One of the most extraordinary new materials to come along in recent years is CerbideTM, which combines the properties of ceramics and cemented tungsten carbide. Cerbide offers measurably higher levels of abrasion and erosion resistance than tungsten carbide and has remarkable formability as well. Ask your Philadelphia Carbide sales representative if Cerbide is right for your application.

Auger valves are used to speed the flow of high viscosity pastes and semi-solid materials through a chamber or housing. As the auger screw rotates, the material in the chamber is "pushed" to the end of the chamber and exits through a dispense point. If the material is abrasive, the constant flow can take its toll on the auger and, in time, it will wear and eventually leak. To overcome this problem, Philadelphia Carbide has developed both solid tungsten carbide and Cerbide auger valves, whose wear qualities and service life are vastly superior to traditional stainless steel auger valve replacements.
     - Auger material: tungsten carbide or CerbideTM
     - Minimum material viscosity: 25,000 cps
     - Minimum shot size: 0.020" (0.508mm)
     - 8 or 16 pitch




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