Replacements for Industrial Spray Nozzles

Long-lasting nozzles for virtually any industrial application 

Philadelphia Carbide Co. manufactures premium grade tungsten carbide, nickel binder carbide, silicon carbide and ceramic replacement spray nozzles in a wide range of sizes and shapes for a variety of industrial applications, including food & beverage industry, oil and gas applications, sewage treatment, almost any type of chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. 

Our replacement nozzles are built to speed the flow of gases, liquids and slurries of virtually any viscosity and to withstand punishing wear, erosion and/or chemical attack in harsh chemical and powder service environments. They have proved to be a high performance, long-lasting replacement for hard steel.


 A selection of flow & spray nozzles manufactured by Philadelphia Carbide Co.

The Many Uses of
Industrial Spray Nozzles

Spray nozzles are used extensively in a wide variety of industrial applications. Here are just a few examples:

Food and beverage industries Sprays are used to wash fruits and vegetables. Spray nozzles are commonly used in spray drying to produce hundreds of food products, including instant coffee, powdered soups, and flavor concentrates. Other spray nozzle uses: coating of food products with flavorings and surface additives; cleaning and sanitizing storage tanks, and process equipment single fluid nozzles are used to rinse and wash away materials. These specialized tank-cleaning nozzles often have a fluid-powered rotary motion to increase cleaning effectiveness.
Paper making Spray nozzles are used for high pressure debarking, coating paper, cleaning rolls, trimming paper Electronics Spray nozzles are used for etching chemicals and printed circuit boards flux agents
Electrical power generation  Limestone slurry is sprayed with single fluid spray nozzles to control acid gas emissions especially sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from coal-fired power plants with liquid scrubbers. Calcium hydroxide (lime) is atomized into a spray dryer absorber to remove acid gases (SO2 and HCl) from coal-fired power plants. Water is sprayed to remove particulate solids using a spray tower or a cyclonic spray scrubber; cooling towers use spray nozzles to distribute water.
Manufacturing  Spray painting is broadly used in many processes; for example, for automobiles, appliances, office furniture. Applying adhesive, lubricating bearings, and cooling tools in machining operations.


Fire protection Spray nozzles are employed for spraying water from fixed sprinklers; high pressure water misting systems for expensive and delicate equipment, for example, marine engine rooms; deluge systems for protecting assets or keeping potentially explosive materials cool in the event of fire (e.g. gas canisters);  water tunnel systems designed to ensure a safe "cool" corridor to allow people to escape in the event of fire.
Mining  Spray nozzles play a critical role? they are used for water sprays  to reduce coal dust during mining.. Water is sprayed to control dust emission produced during grinding; spray nozzles are also used for washing gravel in screening plants. Waste treatment plants  Single fluid nozzles are used to break foam in activated sludge wastewater aeration basins and to apply antifoams; water is spray mixed with material being composted; liquid waste is injected into high temperature incinerators.

Steel industry  High pressure water is used to remove scale (iron oxide) from red hot steel during the process of rolling into sheet or strip forms; spray nozzles also come into play for use in the continuous casing process and quenching of hot gases; quenching coke from coke-ovens; cooling metal extrusions; picking solutions and rinsing pickling solutions

Lime and cement industries Spray nozzles are used for suppressing dust from raw materials; feeding fuel to high temperature calcining rotary kilns; cooling and conditioning gas.
Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries Spraying reagents to enhance dispersion and to increase liquid-gas mass transfer. Many systems are used, including spray towers; spray drying fluid cracking catalyst for oil refining; washing and rinsing solids in filters and centrifuges; applying coating to many pharmaceutical tablets

The next time you need a precision-manufactured, long-lasting spray nozzle, call on Philly Carbide for a practical and effective solution. Give us a blueprint and we'll produce it. 


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