Replacement Mixer Pins for High Viscosity Material Processing
PCC’s Ultra Life pins for industrial mixers increase service life 10 to 100 times that of standard pins 

Cost-effective mixing of gypsum wallboard slurry or other viscous processing materials depends on high-performance, high-capacity mixing pins. We have been a contract manufacturer of replacement mixing pins for a wide variety of industrial applications, including wallboard, chemical, plastic, food, dairy, bakery, converting, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paint, ink, coatings, adhesives, ceramic, beverage, general processing and packaging & related industries, among others.

To meet demanding environmental conditions that require special performance
properties, such as thermal shock resistance or corrosion resistance, we utilize a wide
variety of material formulations & specialty products. For example, nickel binder & 
chrome carbide grades along with ceramics are available for corrosive applications

Send us a used pin or drawing and we'll show you how we can extend the life of your tooling. In most cases, after replacing the standard mixer pins with our PCC Ultra Life, tooling, pin life has increased anywhere from 10x to well over 100x 



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