Industrial Replacement Parts

Precision wear & machine parts outperform OEM parts in a wide variety of industrial applications  

Tungsten Carbide    Silicon Carbide    Ceramics

Philadelphia Carbide is a contract manufacturer of tungsten carbide, silicon carbide and ceramic replacement parts for a wide range of industrial, commercial and laboratory applications. We have been called on to manufacture industrial replacement parts in many different configurations, machined from hard materials?principally carbides and ceramics. These parts are specially made to our customers' prints and conform to the dimensional tolerances, specifications and schedule the customer requires

Drawing on over 50 years of experience in grinding tungsten carbide and ceramic materials, we are able to assist customer engineers in selecting the type of carbide (grade) or ceramic which is best suited for the planned application. 

Send us your specs or a drawing and we'll show you how Philadelphia Carbide parts can extend the service life of your parts, products and processing machinery--- often times outperforming comparable OEM parts.  In most cases, our replacement parts have resulted in less downtime to replace worn components, greater productivity and significant cost savings.

Examples of Parts & Products

• Micronizing wear parts • Granulator blades • Pelletizer blades • Plungers • Pump Parts • Nozzles • Carbide tubing • Tube expanders • Can tooling • Pulverizing trim • Scrub plates • Cutoff knives • Gages • Valve seats • Core rods • Finished pins • Wire eyelets • Ashgates • Liner sleeves • Slitting knives• Cocoa hammers • Solid carbide augers • Carbide tooling for mixers/pulverizers and jet mills • Mandrels • Preforms • Can tooling • Knife gates • Carbide seats • Carbide check rings • Carbide guide rings (g rings) • Tool inserts • Pump plungers • End mills • Tipped tools • Blanks • Custom components • Punches, dies and die inserts for forming, piercing, perforating, swaging, sealing, crimping, compacting extruding, drawing, sizing, etc  • High viscosity mixer pins  • Homogenizer replacement parts, including plungers, valves, valve seats and single- and multi-stage valve assemblies, shafts, impact rings and valve tips. • Industrial guide rings (G-rings) • Contact tips and pads


We are equipped with machinery, processing techniques and experience to produce parts with OD's or ID's as small as .009. We can produce, economically, in any lot size as small as 1 and as large as thousands and thousands of parts. 

  • Internal, external diameters and thickness: .009 on up.

  • Internal and external tolerances: to .0002 

  • Surface finish: to 1 micro-inch (.025 micron)

If you have any special needs, please call, fax, or e-mail us. Our customer service representatives will be pleased to assist you.



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