The Extraordinary Benefits of CERAMICS

Castable/machined tooling, manufactured from today's advanced ceramics, offer significant cost and lead time advantages over cast/machined stainless steel tools, particularly for short run operations, such as prototyping, limited production and spares manufacturing. Benefits include:
Accurate Detail Reproduction - Surface finish of 125 rhr is typical.

Thermal Stability - Ceramic tools are stable at high temperatures, with no scaling. Low thermal expansion.

Low Density - Ceramics are lighter than steel- about 120-150 lbs/cubic foot or 1/10 of the weight of steel

Excellent Dimensional Accuracy

Low Conductivity

Stable in oxidizing conditions at high temperatures

Low Cost - Raw materials are readily available and competitively priced. Once the model for a ceramic die is made, additional copies can be made quickly and, unlike steel dies, they are identical.

Prompt Turnaround - The average time to produce a ceramic die, for example, is up to 14 weeks for small dies, longer for larger dies. However, once the model is completed, additional copies can be made much quicker than comparable steel dies.






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