What's New at Philadelphia Carbide?

Now Available!  CerbideTM, the revolutionary new tungsten carbide material for superior abrasion/erosion resistance

Cerbide has been described as the first genuine industry breakthrough in 20 years. A combination of the properties of ceramics and cemented tungsten carbide, Cerbide can significantly increase the life of your wear parts in low impact applications. In addition to excellent wear resistance, Cerbide excels in formability and can be formed to near net shape. 

For long lasting and cost-efficient blast nozzles...for cutting tool inserts and end mills... and for other custom made parts as well, Cerbide is the new material of choice...and Philadelphia Carbide is proud to make available this cutting edge technological innovation to its customers.


    Meet Rocky DeCarlo, entrepreneur and network TV star...

Rocky, president of Philadelphia Carbide, recently received national prominence when he was spotlighted in a segment of Tom Brokaw?s NBC Nightly News which focused on the state of the U.S. economy. The segment, hosted by Anne Thompson, showed footage inside our plant in suburban Philadelphia and concluded with an interview with Rocky himself. Just click on Rocky?s photo and see it for yourself.

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....not to mention, sought-after "authority"  on today's     manufacturing personnel...

Read what Rocky has to say in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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